Who Am I ?

Hello. My name is Raka. I am the first generation of my family to be born and raised in the United States. My father was the priest for our community, just as his father was and his grandfather for generations. My mother taught me meditation and the teachings of Sri Rama Krishna Parahamsa and Sarada Ma from a young age. While growing up I often helped my parents prepare for ceremonies stringing flower garlands, gathering offerings, making foods, grinding sandalwood into paste, and collecting water. I have always been a student of and enchanted by the mystical spiritual forces of our universe.

I love art and to dabble in many different forms of expression. My artwork is very influenced by my Indian heritage, my emotion, and my need to feel things. On my journey, I have studied classical Indian dance for 35 years, Mechanical Engineering to a post graduate level, I am a Ayurvedic Practitioner, trained in Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Bodywork treatments, reader of Tarot, Jyotish reader of astrological charts and palms, and a lifelong student of the Vedic Sciences. I works part time on hospital medical database systems while pursuing my artist and spiritual passions.

Following in the Hindu and Vedic art tradition, my art and healing is directed at transporting individuals into a realm, full of wonder and bliss, where they experience the essence of their own consciousness. I am currently based in Madison, WI and am available for a variety of services. I strongly love this world and hope to help others nourish their bodies, minds, and spirits through reconnection with the earth, accepting and understanding of suffering, and unlocking the mysteries of our karma, this world, and the universe that we all share together.

1 thought on “Who Am I ?

  1. Touched by The Journey & Legacy of Art & Music & Spiritual Yearning You are Going thru_/\_ Namaste

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