Odissi Dance


Odissi (O-ri-see) dance, one of the seven classical dance forms from India, is believed by many to be the oldest classical dance form that still exists to this day. Architectural evidence of this dance in India is found in first-century B.C. rock-cut caves. After surviving cycles of growth, decay, and renewal, this art form thrives today and is as influential as Flamenco to tribal belly dance.

Raka Bandyo was born and raised in a Brahman family in Michigan. She began studying the classical Indian art form of Odissi Dance in 1984 with Guru Sangetta Mohapatra Kar, longtime student of the most renowned Odissi dance Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. Raka has performed for years as both a solo artist and in group dances at cultural event and celebrations. In 2003 she began teaching Odissi dance and continues to do so now in Madison, WI. In her classes she helps her students explore balance, ancient hand postures known as mudras, rhythmic steps, expressions, and the mystical descriptions of gods, goddesses, humanity, and nature.


Come experience her class as a drop-in or regular student. All levels of dancers welcome. Performance and private classes available by request.

Current Odissi classes taught by Raka:

Private Classes

Mondays 7:15-8:30pm @ Euphoria Movement Arts – Drop In

See her Facebook page for additional performances and workshops

Contact her for performances and classes:



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