when treble met base

On this beautiful and chilly white winter’s night I was invited for crafts at my sweet sister Phoebe’s home. A delicious warm red stew of tortilla soup, garnished with avocado, homemade tortilla strips, and roast chicken was shared by Adam while needles knit, beads were weaved, and friends teased and laughed and spoke their dreams. As maybe some of you guessed, I set lines of henna across a few of my friends gathered there.


“when treble met base”

I love seeing how henna forms on the different hands and other body parts of my models and clients. I will often see a symbol or ask if people have an idea that they would like me to incorporate. I am constantly amazed at what happens when my creative energy mixes with each individual’s energy in the final design. It was also cool to see my recent collection of ceramic bowls on display in Phoebe’s beautiful place.

I am finding beautiful people everywhere to share with and be inspired by for my future works. It’s wonderful.


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