My Healing Space

Welcome to my home studio…

My space is a converted main bedroom. It is ideal for 1-3 students, teaching online, and for my personal practice. It is close to the entryway and the guest bathroom, which makes it convenient to students while keeping my personal living space separate. The walk-in closets are ideal changing rooms and for costumes.

The space includes one full wall of mirrors, multiple lighting options, and a music system. I utilize small tables of various heights to record movement with my laptop from different directions in the room. Distance and angle of camera should be checked to ensure your visual capture shows the full or partial body details as you desire. The mirror, if utilized in video recording, adds space and dimension. A wall mounted display is utilized for video review and projection.

My space doubles as an Ayurvedic treatment studio and includes a massage table, which I often use as a table when discussing visual content or to layout and iron costumes. There is an altar in the room as I practice meditation and ritual in this space. A focal point mural and several Indian art pieces add to my asthetic. Also a static rigging point for a trapeze bar, a shelf for media and props storage, musical instruments, and a couple sturdy comfortable chairs available for students, parents, and/or guests.

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