Winter Visit to Estivine Pines

The northern midwest is covered in snow. A graceful blanket that reflects the light of the sun and covers colors below. It is cold, wet, and pure, beckoning you to snuggle in a sleep.

In order to survive the winter, I encourage everyone to embrace the snow and let it embrace you. Falling down, making angels, throwing snowballs, skiing, snowshoeing, frozen paintings, ice sculpture, and whatever you can imagine. Luckily, my husband and I were able to take a half week adventure to the Keweenaw Peninsula to do just that.


We made it all the way to Copper Harbor with our puppy Rani, friend Scott, and his two dogs Dotty and Gary. We parked the car and headed out on snow shoes and skis 2.5 miles up a snowmobile trail to Estivine Pines Park. When we arrived at the park a cathedral of ice and snow hung around and above us. Blazing a new trail in fresh snow we hiked almost a mile in our snow shoes to the old growth Eastern White Pine grove.


Some of these trees have lived over 500 years and were but wee seedlings when Columbus first arrived to the Americas. Thank goodness for the intelligence and passion of those who have protected this forest. Thank goodness for the strength and bounty of our earth and sun. This world is an amazing place and this life precious, so get out there and have some fun!


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