Mudras: Seals of the Hands

As life energy flows out from our heart, through our arms and to the tips of our hands one generates the potential to create and heal. Writing, cooking, painting, touching, holding…

In Sanskrit the root of this word mud means “to delight in”. The word mudra also means “seal”, and in a yogic sense is used to seal and strengthen the body’s vital energies. Mudras are an integral part of Classical Indian Dance, unlike other forms of dance. Every movement has distinct mudras, mostly used to express emotion and experience, but also to extend the dancers physical energy and spiritual consciousness through to the very tips of our body and the minds of our audience.

It is with my deep love and appreciation for my guru and gurus from the past and present, inspiring inquisition from my students, and quest for greater understanding that I am beginning a new journey of reinvesting and sharing these ancient seals. May they bring you joy, strength, and mysticism.

With love,
Raka Bandyo

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