Fall Changes and Celebrations of Nature

Here in the Midwest I am blessed with experiencing all the seasons of the Earth in full force. We have a cold and snowy winter, the raging waters of spring, a hot sunny summer, and the beautiful colors of fall. I love all the seasons, but maybe the fall the best… or maybe that is just what is passing now. As flowers and leaves open and fall to the ground, birds fly through the sky, stopping sometime to visit on their migration to warmer waters. Color burst forth from the plants and nature living all around me. I store it away in my heart for the upcoming white of winter.


                         Lotus Flower


        Flock of Hansa – Geese Migration


Lotus Garden


Hansaseeya and Alapadma – Geese and Lotus

Celebrating my Hindu heritage, I also burst out in colorful Odissi costumes with my students to stomp, pose, and dance for the Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi, and Kali. I cannot resist applying color to my cheeks and lips, kajol to line my eyes, jewels and metal to adorn, and bells around my ankles. Celebrating good over evil, light over darkness, thanking the great spirits of our universe for good luck and the fortune of this beautiful life I have been gifted.


Adorning w Shidoor and Bindis – Mirror Pose


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