Prana Movement Workshop

January 3rd, 2015 at a Perfect Knot Yoga Center in Madison, WI

This workshop is inspired by Auyrveda, Pranayama, Qigong, and Classical Indian Dance. Practices will be paired with Vidya Misra’s Vibrational Transdermal Creams of various Indian Herbs. All profits from event will be donated to help save the Perfect Knot Yoga Center in Madison, WI. $20/advanced registration or $25/at the door.


Register at the Perfect Knot 10 minutes before or just after a class on the current schedule to ensure someone is at the studio. See the schedule for most current class times. Or contact Raka via email @, via the form below, or phone to register (989) 600 2376.


Tulsi – Ou ji / Prana

DGL – Lifting the Sky / Wu Wei

Ashoka – Pranami / Smile of the Heart

Super Sport – Ganesh Thano Mantra

Fennel –  Dantian’s Sun / Anulom Viloma

Brahmi – Tree of Life / Gratitude



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