My body burning on a funeral pyre

Today I am donating 20 bras that this body of mine will likely not fit into again. If only holding on to things wasn’t so easy, not that I don’t loose plenty of things that I don’t intend to, it actually happens just as easily, just not quite as continuously…

My observation of this makes me think and feel a few things…

Women Burning Bras

Women brutally killed by a mobs, how does this happen?

My body burning on a funeral pyre

How important it is to love and be kind to my body and all the macro and micro organisms that are hosting me in this experience of life.

These amazing words from a strong and beautiful woman:


“Everything—husband, wife, or even the body, is illusory. These are all shackles of illusion. Unless you can free yourself from these bondages, you will never be able to go to the other shore of the world. Even this attachment to the body, the identification of the self with the body, must go. What is this body, my darling? It is nothing but three pounds of ashes when it is cremated. Why so much vanity about it? However strong or beautiful this body may be, its culmination is in those three pounds of ashes. And still people are so attached to it!” -Sarada Ma

Blessings and Love.

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