Anticipation for the dance

Delighted to be dancing, sharing Vedic stories, sounds, food, and talking w people about all the many forms and opportunities we have to incorporate wellness into our lives at the MAWC Wellnes Fair tomorrow.

Im also giddy w excitement to be performing a dance, Saveri Pallavi, that I first learned from my guru Sangeeta Mahapatra Kar two decades ago and re-learned while I was is India just this winter from my guru Poushali Mukherjee, both of whom learned this from the late Padma Vibhusan Kelucharan Mahapatra.

This is the first time I’m performing this dance and Im doing it in my brand new Indian handcrafted costumes and jewelry while this blessed moon is practically full in the sky!

April 28th 3-8:30 at the Wil-mar Center
Check out the amazing schedule. Cool stuff all day. Something for everyone and all are welcome.


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